Ben Moren and Daniel Dean's ongoing project; Mobile Experiential Cinema is a roving, storytelling platform that combines mobility, filmmaking, public projection, cellphone technology, live theater action, and sound.

Can You See It?, 2013

Can You See It? is a site-determined, experiential media project that explores the problematics of the museum as a cultural gatekeeper, particularly as manifest at the Weisman Museum, as well as the triumvirate of time, memory, and history. As a cultural institution situated on the campus of the University of Minnesota, a large educational institution, the Museum is tasked with being a teaching museum as well as a resource for the local community. This primarily educational mission led to the development of these themes within eight individual stories as vehicles that provide an opportunity for critical thinking and personal reflection during a moment of celebration.

Presented by the Weisman Art Museum during the 20 year anniversary party "The Big WAM Bash". Curated by Diane Mullin

Untitled (Selections From The Permanent Collection), 2013

This project remixes the contemporary and historical operations of the Soap Factory by conflating contexts of labor, value, and critical language. Through the use of a personal media player, viewers are guided by a narrator through the galleries to experience a hidden, or 'shadow', exhibition of objects and performances. Each 'shadow' artwork becomes a touchstone to reflect upon contemporary aesthetic concepts.

Part of the 2013 Minnesota Biennial Exhibition ",,," (comma, comma, comma) at the Soap Factory curated by David Petersen and John Marks

Secret City, 2013

Secret City is a mobile experiential cinema cellphone excursion for 3-5 people which combines elements of film, theater, and sound into a mysterious noir story that unfolds throughout Lowertown. Festival Goers are invited use their mobile phones to reveal a hidden 'film' that surrounds the Union Depot train station. This 'film' is set in the Secret City where you are absorbed into a noir story that reluctantly reveals its desperate secrets and hidden dangers.

Your phone vibrates in your pocket. You pull it out and see an unknown number - you answer. A lone voice on the other end of a phone speaks, describing the street you are on and tells you who you are, as if they know you - as if they're standing right next to you. The voice is a man. He is insistent, desperate and needs your help. He instructs you to walk to the end of the block. Follow his words and help him uncover his secret. You and your group are the only ones that can unravel the story. Work together, share information, keep your secrets close... and most importantly, don't get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Presented by at the 2013 Northern Spark Festival with support from MAW Collective.

The Parade, 2012

The Parade follows a kidnapping story. Each of the main characters main story elements are presented via the projections. Other supporting live action elements include the live kidnapping of an audience member, a money and hostage exchange, planted artifacts, and live phone calls from key characters in the story.

Presented by at the 2012 Northern Spark Festival with support from MAW Collective.

Second Bridge is Wider But Not Wide Enough, 2011

Second Bridge is Wider But Not Wide Enough Presents a missing character to the audience. They progress through the city following his path via projected documentary style interviews with his past friends. Live action events include, a car chase, a guard dog, graffiti painting, and the police.

Presented by at the 2011 Northern Spark Festival with support from MAW Collective.

Thanks to these organizations for their ongoing support.

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